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Meet Ralph DeFusco


“We aim to please and satisfy, and we always put the customer first,” says Ralph DeFusco, owner of Ralph's Catering. “We offer high-end food that is very affordable.”

DeFusco was born in Northern Italy but raised in Rhode Island after moving here at the age of two. For locals with a taste for authentic Italian cuisine, Ralph’s delivers. He offers delicious and delectable veal cutlets, chicken dishes and seafood specialties, among many others. DeFusco’s recipes are primarily his own, his family’s and his friends’, giving each bite an authentic Italian taste.

Ralph’s is more flexible and personal than your average caterer. The small family-run business is always willing and able to work with their guests, both before and during events.

“Ralph’s has a personal touch because either myself or my son, Ronnie, are always on-site, whether we’re catering out or in our own kitchen,” DeFusco says. In addition to his son, who is a chef, his daughters Jen and Gianna also work alongside Ralph.

There are no size restrictions for parties. No matter how small or large, Ralph’s satisfies its customers and customizes their menus if necessary. They invite guests to sit back, relax and leave the service to them. Whether you book your event in their building or off-site, Ralph’s guarantees exceptional service at reasonable prices.